Easy Letting Go (Television Thoughts: Roseanne Reboot Episodes 3, 4)

5c90818e6b4e9af2177d67bc8cc2de41After watching the first two episodes of Roseanne reboot, I conceded that it was indeed funny despite the fact that my gut is telling me not to support the show because Roseanne has turned into a deplorable, homophobic trump supporter. But something happened om the third and fourth episodes: it sopped becoming funny. The third episode barely made me laugh, and I found the Roseanne Conner character quite unlikable. Even worse, the plot became trite. When Roseanne tries to ‘discipline’ Darlene’s daughter and starts dumping her granddaughter’s head in the sink, I thought the whole thing was quite mean-spirited, and I felt icky spending time with these people.

The fourth episode was a little better, but by not much. I felt the rush to poignancy forced, and Roseanne Barr, never the best actress, seemed to just be mouthing off lines with no care or disregard for them. At the end of the episode, I felt a little better, as I thought, I could easily break away from this people and not have a sense of loss. I am not saying I will stop watching, but it will be easier to let go of them if this continues.

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