Hives (Perfume Thoughts: L’eau d’hiver, Frederic Malle)

375x500.2797Yo, I have re-discovered Frederic Malle’s ‘Leau d’Hiver’ and I am a changed man. I found out, while going through my samples, that I had a 10ml ‘travel size’ of this, and it was a glorious surprise. I remember loving this when I first smelled this years and years ago, but I was kind of scared that the word ‘hive’ was in the name, as I am very allergy-pobic. But that’s a stupid fear. This is a great soft scent with a heliotrope note. I have a friend who collects anything with a heliotrope note, and maybe I shy away from it because she ‘owns’ the note, but this is a nice, calming, and very unique scent. I know the visual for this perfume seems to be flower-infused icicles and that really fits  However, on my skin, this scent feels not as cold – it actually has a warm comforting vibe, more cashmere-y than anything else. It a little deceptive – light and airy but like a winter warm embrace.  And I am happy with my 10 ml bottle. My five sprays this morning has help up pretty well and I don;t think I need a full bottle of this. I can make do.

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