Lights Off (Music Thoughts: As The Morning Light, Susannah Adams)

411oLRNOhdL._SS500There are so many jazz vocalists with albums of standards that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. I am sure if you blindfolded me and played a track from Susannah Adams’ album ‘As The Morning Light,’ I would not be able to identify it. This is not meaning to say that she is bad, just that she is just bland. If I have to be objective, I can say that she sings in tune, and certainly has the musicality. But she doesn’t stick out to me, and I don’t see anything new and exciting in her renditions of standards like ‘Look for the Silver Lining,’ or ‘Dat Der.’ I have heard these arrangements before, and I do not hear anything new in her vocals. To make matters worse, she does ‘originals’ that are self-indulgent and boring, and I question their validity for existence. Yawn

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