In Lebanon (Movie Thoughts: Beirut)

large_beirut_poster‘Beirut’ stars Jon  Hamm in a starring role. I know he is such a television powerhouse presence and I have heard a lot of write-ups about this film saying that in here he is finally crossing over to be a bonafide movie star.  I don’t knwo about that as I have and still see him as more character actor than star power –  a dashing version of Al Pacino, if you will.  Here he is up front and center, and very effective. But there’s also something about him that’s unconventional, that reads more ‘different’ than ‘movie star.’

Anyway, this is a film I normally would not have instantly gravitated to, but I did, and it is an interesting story set in Lebanon, a country whose history and current climate I’m not too familiar with. But the film, directed by Brad Anderson, gives us a bit of overview on that, and there are still parts of the Middle East wars that I don’t fully ‘get.’  But you don’t have to be an Middle Eastern Issues expert to enjoy this film.  This one is a pretty straightforward dramatic thriller, with dashes of action and sex, with its share of sinister criminals on both sides of the conflict. It’s still not my true cup of tea, but I wasn’t bored. I don’t know if I would watch it, or recommend it (I don’t think any of my friends would be into this) but I don’t regrert seeing it. So – meh?

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