Musk Mask (Perfume Thoughts: Bois et Musc, Serge Lutens)

375x500.8549God knows I love Serge Lutens’ perfumes, and the ones on bell jars are even more appealing because they are not on the ‘export line,’ meaning they used to be only available at the Palais Royal in Paris (Some Barney’s branches and Aedes offer them now)  Since I am still trying to use up all my samples, I was elated to find I had a generous decant of Bois et Musc in there. I think I got this decant when I still did not have the bell jar, and I know this is at least five years old. And spray I go.

The top notes seem to be a lot of musk – animalic but not too bad, or it did not seem as dirty as Musc Kublai Kahn. Since the weather was a little on the warmer side, I held off for a bit and let the scent settle, and told myself I will layer the scent. So after about ten minutes or so, I put more. The woods have come up at this point, and they seem to be your generic fare, though quality of the material is definitely better.

And then I don’t smell much. I don’t know if it’s because it is warmer, or my nose just got so used to it, but nothing is registering. This is a skin scent, I read now, but I feel like it just evaporated into thin air. Could my decant be too old? Or did my skin just eat this perfume whole? I can’t help but feel disappointed. I vow when I get all my perfume back to use them – none of this ‘saving’ bull crap anymore. I wonder if my bell jar would be as weak?

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