Power Grab (Film Thoughts:The Death Of Stalin)

large_Stalin-2018I was attracted to ‘The Death of Stalin’ because it was directed by Armando Iannucci, who is the creator and was the showrunner for one of my favorite television shows, ‘Veep.’  Iannucci specializes in an intellectual type of shock television, of people behaving badly, and making them funny, if sometimes in a cringe-worthy morbid way. So it makes sense that he does film on the death of Stalin, and what happens when the people around him tackle each other to usurp power. The format of the film is somewhat akin to situations on the television show, where we see these people acting vain and stupid, and everyone is just out for their own interests, all self-indulgent, selfish, childish. I had some laugh-out-loud moments, for sure, but for a better part of the movie, I was left cold. Seeing people in government act stupid? I feel like I witness that everyday and don’t need to be reminded historically that it has happened.

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