In Between (Music Thoughts: Between Yesterday And Tomorrow: The Songs of Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Marieann Meringolo)

1527262605_folderMarieann Meringolo has been described as a singer who is a cross between barbra Streisand and k.d. lang.  I think that is a very apt description – she has Streisand’s steeliness, combined with lang’s granola flannel appeal. She has a solid soaring voice, and though I have never seen her live, I would imagine that it would be the type that could empower a whole room when she is belting. You can also sense that in her newest recording, ‘Between Yesterday and Tomorrow: The Songs of Alan and Marilyn Bergman,’ which was recorded live at The iridium last year.

Any album celebrating the Bergmans is always a cause for celebration, and this is no exception. Most of their best work is represented here, and she packs them in all in various medlettes: ‘It Might Be You/What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life,’ ‘Nice And Easy/That Face,’ ‘The Windmills Of Your Mind/Between yesterday And Tomorrow,’ among others. I like the way they are mashed together, with songs creating great nuggets of storytelling.

But, on record, she just doesn’t appeal to me – her coldness feels detached to me. I have tried playing this album numerous times: at home speakers blasting in full attention, while on my walk, before going to sleep. But almost always I get bored. I know it’s not the songs, so it must be the singer. She sings in perfect tone, but I just don’t connect with her choices. Something’s telling me it might be me.

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