Love So Special (Film Thoughts: Keep The Change)

keepthechange2018I wish I hadn’t read before hand that ‘Keep the Change’ starred non-actors, well autistic non-actors, playing characters that are autistic. Because it really doesn’t matter. This film, directed by Rachel Israel, is about two people in New York City, who fall in love. This is one of those charming little independent films that I would love to recommend to people who want something small, intimate, heartfelt. And good.

David and Sarah (Brandon Polansky and Samantha Elisofson) meet into some kind of group meeting – David has been sent there because he told a cop a very inappropriate joke. I want to say their being autistic isn’t important but of course that would not be true. it’s a huge important part of these character’s lives, and how they live it. David and Sarah do not belong in the same spectrum of autism – David’s is a lot more advanced, and Sarah more awkward, yet of course these do not serve as hindrance to what they feel for each other. They only matter to people around them, and perhaps to us, as the audience. “I like her because she is weird. I am weird,” he says.

I couldn’t help but be affected by the film. Here I am alone, on a Friday night, and I want to say to myself – don’t let these hangups keep you from falling in love. Everyone falls in love. If only I would listen.

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