A Patch Of Elegance (Perfume Thoughts: Tempo, Diptyque)

_102841057I love the house of Diptyque. They may not have the most groundbreaking scents (though at one point, they were the niche of all niche brands) but their scents are always reliable, well-made, and, above all, they smell wonderful on me. Whenever I wear any of them, I get tons of compliments. And I am always excited whenever they launch new scents, like Tempo.

At first smell, you would think that this is just your run-of-the-mill patchouli, made to smell ‘glamorous.’  And I have to admit in the beginning, I thought the same. But like a lot of perfumes from this house, there is a lot of depths in their scents and you find there is more to them than meets the nose. There’s a boat load of bergamot in the top here that gives it freshness, and then there’s sage and even hints violet leaf and rose to round up the patchouli’s dirtiness. I have worn my sample for three days now (imagine me, using a vial for three days?) and it’s masculine without showing too much machismo, perfect for daywear and the office. It’s safe enough to wear with mixed company but you can still feel you are wearing something beautiful. I want a bottle.

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