The Mood of the Tuberose (Perfume Thoughts: Nuit de Tubereuse, L’artisan Parfumeur)

31256_1024x1024I am still wrestling with my samples – though I have now rescued a couple of bottles from packing boxes – when i chanced upon a great sample of L’Artisan’s ‘Nuit de Tubereuse.’  I remember when I first got this – it’s a 10ml small bottle given to me by one of L’artisan’s old reps, and it was when the perfume first came out, and I am guessing it’s from the Summer of 2010. Here we are almost eight years later, and I am first wondering if the sample is still good. Well, not only is it as juicy as then, but I even suspect this formulation does not exist anymore. I bet you what you will get today is watered-down.

This is a glorious spicy tuberose. At first I get a dose of clove with this, and some cardamom, and something tropical (I am reading it’s mango) along with the bouquet of tuberose. It’s a little off-putting, and initial blast can be scary. But it settles down to a deep and dark scent – its base of benzoin and beeswax (kind of a staple for Bertrand Duchaufour, who signed this scent) feels contemplative, even melancholy. This settles quite nicely on me, and for sure a conversation piece. I know a lot probably won’t get this, and I wonder how it will play at the office. But I don’t care. This is a very unique take on the flower, and its moodiness is quite fitting for how I am feeling lately. I know I held off getting a whole bottle when it first came out, and for the life of me I cannot recall if I ever did get one. But I will make sure this is going to be in my wardrobe.

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