Can’t Smell The Woods From Here (Perfume Thoughts: L’Homme Prada, Prada)

8572438_fpxI have been holding on to this sample of L’Homme Prada for the longest time, waiting for the right time to test it (I have one of La Femme Prada as well)  So one morning, I just decided screw it, I am just going to wear this and see.  Well, the verdict has arrived and it’s not good at all. I like Daniela Andrier’s creations most of the time but this one is a miss for me. Prada is known for their light transparent scents and this one is just too light for me. I mean, I can barely smell it, as I had to reapply a couple of times to even get anything. The press release of this states that the initial notes are neroli, geranium, and patchouli but what I get is just a blend of generic woods. There is supposed to be lavender and iris too and yes, I get a hint of generic barber shop lavender, but meh, nothing to write home about. To me, this just smells like any other men’s department store fragrance, only weaker. I think they were trying to get a gauzier version of that but to me it’s almost a nil projection.  Perhaps that’s why I see now that there is an ‘Intense’ flanker of this scent, and maybe I will try that instead. But I won’t be rushing.

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