Separation Anxiety (Movie Thoughts: What Separates Us/Dear Dictator)

film-what-separates-usI didn’t know anything about ‘What Separates Us’ before seeing it but, honestly, I liked the title. Sometimes it’s the little things.  This film is written, directed and stars Bryan Ferriter and perhaps he did a little too much heavy lifting here. The result is a bit of everything hitting the wall, and I do agree with some idea similarities to ‘Good Will Hunting.’ The film is not entirely the worst thing in the world – Ferriter is not a bad actor at all, treading a worn role, and has good chemistry with Shannon Mary Dixon who plays his love interest. It’s not the worst thing in the world. but does it need to exist?


Dear-Dictator_Poster‘Dear Dictator,’ fares slightly better. Written and Directed by both Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario,  the premise is at least very interesting. A teenager (Odeya Rush) befriends a dictator of a Latin American country (played deliciously by Michael Caine) and after his country goes through a revolution, he starts to secretly )at first) lives with her and her mother (Katie Holmes) and well…hilarity ensues? There’s a lot of ideas going on in the film, and I wish they were trimmed, but there’s enough charm in the film to make you overcome them. Plus, there are great performances all around, starting with Caine’s Castroesque dictator-with-a-heart.

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