A Man And His Trumpet (Music Thoughts: Chris Norton, Mr. Chris Norton)

61tWEh2PR5L._SS500Who says I just listen to female jazz singers? Sometimes a male one catches my fancy, and I discovered Chris Norton in a most unexpected place. For some reason, Instagram ‘recommended’ his profile to me as one I might want to follow. I don’t know what kind of metric they used, but I discovered on his feed (a great one, by the way) that he had a jazz vocal album. So I went to Spotify and sampled it, and liked what I heard. But my initial reaction was – why are there so many trumpet solos? Duh. I looked at the album cover and realized he plays the trumpet as well, and really in here you get two for the price of one. I started reading his bio while listening to the album and found out he has performed for Presidents Clinton and Obama, and I am guessing leans towards blue, based on who in Washington he has performed for. Thank God I trust my instincts. He has a nice fine velvety voice, a la Torme, and has great command in lyric. His songs point more ‘bro’ than I normally would listen to, but variety, spice of life, and all that. He is a great find, and I don’t know why I never heard of him before, but I know him now.

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