Wasted Brain Cells (Movie Thoughts: The Female Brain)

the_female_brainThere are bad films, and there are bad films that break your heart because they could have been so much better. I lump ‘The Female brain’ in the latter category.  It is written and directed and also stars Whitney Cumming, one of those modern-day comediennes who I kind of like, but also kind of annoy me. She crafts this movie out of a non fiction book examining the differences between brains of men and women. These scientific finding frame the stories here, where she examines relationships. She also plays the neurologist (Julia Brezandine) testing and analyzing these findings. Cummings never convinced me that her character is a doctor, but I guess it doesn’t really matter as all these story lines bored me to death. And that’s a shame, since she has a great cast here, from James Marsden to Sophia Vergara to Cecily Strong, who are all wasted in the film. The one actor who really shines despite it all is Beanie Feldstein, playing her assistant, and although she played almost the same role in ‘Lady Bird,’ she is appealing that you can’t stop looking at her. (And Ben Platt has a small role here as well, which makes me think Cummings is a Broadway fan)  It’s too bad the film is a waste of everyone’s energies, including mine from watching it.

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