Soft Cool (Perfume Thoughts: Colonia Pura, Acqua di Parma)

1188791-acqua-di-parma-colonia-pura-aftershave-balm-100mlAcqua di Parma’s Colonia Pura is exactly what I thought it would be – a variation of the eau de cologne.  It’s a nice and sparkly variation, and it has a nice faint floral heart.  It’s much more complicated than I thought it would be – I was expecting to be bored by this, and found a lot of layers in it. There’s a saltiness in it that makes it less predictable, and there are aldehydes that gives an impression that it is heavier than your typical cologne. Plus, I really appreciated its longevity – this did not disappear right away. There’s really not much more to say about it. It is from a good brand, and has good qualities, and I would happily wear these during the hot summer days. I imagine it would be refreshing on those HHH (hazy hot humid) days. And it’s not that expensive, either – I see it as low as $80 at the discount e-tailers. It’s a bit on the boring side, but a safe choice.

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