Echoes Of Long Ago (Music Thoughts: I Honestly Love You, Delta Goodrem)

245595-l-loWhen I saw Delta Goodrem’s new album, ‘I Honestly love You,’ on Spotify, I got excited, as I see that it is a tribute to one of my beloveds, Olivia Newton John. And it even has a kitschy cover of her ‘being’ Olivia. But I then realized that these were scenes from a  biopic for Australian television (I wanna see that!)  And essentially, this album is the television soundtrack. I was going to gripe about the sameness of the arrangements here but then realize Goodrem didn’t really have much room for that here. Still, she sings these songs with gusto, and I am just glad she included my favorite ONJ song ‘Magic.”  I also liked that they dug deep into the ‘Baby Olivia’ country-tinged discography, and love the ‘bonus’ of the two tracks, ‘Love Is A Gift,’ and ‘Let Me Be There’ where Olivia herself duets with Goodrem. And you gotta give Goodrem credit for a flawless rendition of ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You.’ All in all, more a souvenir piece, so good to have.

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