Urban Princess (Film Thoughts: Princess Cyd)

f1‘Princess Cyd’ is one of those movies that is about emotion – it doesn’t really tell much of a story, but focuses more on characters and how they feel. It captures a person at a particular point in their life, and it doesn’t necessarily end with a lesson learned. Cyd (Jessica Pinnick) spends a couple of weeks in a summer in Chicago at her aunt’s  (Rebecca Spence) and just like most teenagers, she is struggling to find her place in the world. But then again, perhaps that can also be true for Miranda Ruth, her aunt who is a famous author. There is a scene halfway through that resonated with me, when Cyd chides her aunt that she should have more sex and that would make her a happier person. Miranda answers that for some people, reading a book, or listening to a symphony can sometimes bring the same joy to some people. It perfectly shows how, in different stages in our lives, things that make us happy change and evolve. Stephen Cone, who wrote and directed this film, captures real emotions perfectly.

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