If Nina Knew (Music Thoughts: Abiah sings Nina, Abiah)

abiah_sings_ninaVery few people try to tackle the Nina Simone songbook only because she sings her songs with such a distinct style that you more than often just try to imitate her. Abiah tries his hand on this on ‘Abiah sings Nina.’

I wish I liked it more. He certainly has captured the Nina Simone ‘mood,’ and has chosen a great section of her repertoire – the tender, love-filled Nina – and that’s a surprise, as I had thought he would cover her more ‘political’ songs. But I heard more Nina than Abiah here, and I really wanted to know Abiah the singer, since I really don’t know much about him. I love the slow and tender sound of the album – his ‘Wild Is The Wind’ is going on my favorites playlist – but the album just made me want to Nina Simone more. I guess that is not the worst thing in the world – everyone needs to know Nina – but I wanted something more original, and was disappointed. aboiahnina

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