For All The Bitters (Television Thoughts: Salt, Sweetbitter S01 E01, Starz)

Sweetbitter-season-1-PosterThere are so many ads for ‘Sweetbitter’ where I live that it worked for them – I had to check it out. I know it is based on the book by Stephanie Danler and that book is on my TBR pile – if only I can get back to reading again. After my latest life transition, I still need to get my groove back on that front. But watching the television series based on it may be the next best thing.

So the show is about Tess (Elsa Purnell), twenty two, who moves to New York City with only a dream (she didn’t even bring books, and she is an English major) She gets a job bussing tables at one of New York’s most prestigious restaurants (the book is about Danler’s experience at Union Square Cafe so I will imagine it as that) and in the first episode here, she tries to pass her first day of trials. There’s a lot of distraction – Simone, a manipulative something or other, and a cute guy who gives her oysters by the end of the episode (I guess there won’t be vague symbolisms here)

I am always up for a good New York story, and I kind of like this one. For now, I am curious enough to come back to it, but it better keep me interested for me to keep on returning.

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