Heart Loves (Film Thoughts: Anything)

anyth‘Anything’ is about a Early Landry (played by John Carroll Lynch)  who had a recent tragedy in his life and because of this has to move to Los Angeles. The film, written and directed by Timothy McNeill, is also based on his play ‘Anything,’ and at times the film does feel stage-y. But it’s well-meaning, and I really liked this film, even though I have some reservations with it. First of all, I think I had some problem with its pacing, with it starting slow, and just as when things started to pick up, it was already ending. I also know that there was a lot of disappointment when Matt Bomer was cast in the role of Freda von Rhenburg. A lot of people said that the role should have gone to a trans woman. there are very few roles available for transgendered people as it is, should Bomer take one away from them? My response to that after seeing the film? This role is thankless, and really, it could have been played by anyone and I don’t think it would have mattered. Bomer does well here, and though the role is showy,  it’s written thinly, and there’s only so much one actor can do to make it meatier. All in all this film is about Early Landry – he is the heart and soul of the piece.

Have I said I liked it? I surely can identify with Landry’s character as a resent transport to the Los Angeles area. And I am in love with the love story here. ‘Isn’t it just love?’ one character says and the film shows how gender, orientation, and everything else can be bypassed all in the name of what one feels for another. There is a scene when where everything blows up courtesy of Maura Tierney’s character (she play’s Early’s well-meaning but pushy sister) and I found myself weeping after – there was something really special and meaningful there and I think the Universe sent that to me. I needed to hear that message right now. There are a lot of ordinary things here, but the film’s heart is extraordinary.

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