Rice Is Bad For You (Movie Thoughts: Basmati Blues)

Basmati-Blues-PosterI have no idea what possessed me to watch ‘Basmati Blues.’ Maybe I am and will always be a sucker for musicals, and someone told me that this is like the La La Land of India. And if you knew anything about me, you would know that Indian cuisine is the only thing I do not eat.  But anyway, this stars Brie Larson, an actress I am not particularly fond of. She apparently sings and plays the guitar – who knew? Still, I think she could do much better than this corny stupid film about rice. It is so horrible that it totally wastes Tyne Daly, Scott Bakula and Donald Sutherland in musical supporting roles. roles. The songs are all over the place, and they certainly do not movie forward, so forget about calling this film a ‘real’ musical. The film is obviously structured like a Bollywood film, and I wonder if Indian audiences will like this, because I cannot think of any demographic who will.

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