Hot Plates (Television Thoughts: Now Your Tongue Is COded/Everyone is a Soigne, Sweetbitter S01 Ep 02-03, Starz)


I wrote that I was going back for more episodes of Sweetbitter and I am so glad I did – after two more episodes in, I am hooked, and now I am kind of dreading that I am halfway through the series (it’s only a six episode commitment from Starz)

We see Tess slowly getting into the groove of the restaurant, and we see her building relationships. She asks for help from Will (Evan Jonigkeit) and one thing leads to another and he is going down on her. Now we’re talking – Tess is getting some action! Will it be awkward at work the next day? She talks to her co-staff and it looks like it’s an inevatibility there – they run tight quarters. She is fascinated with Jake (Tom Sturridge) and they have a little bit of a moment when he catches she has a tatoo, but the episode ends as she sees him making out with Simone.

And Simone is not the antagonist that I thought she would be – she is actually helping mentor Tess. I don’t really know if Tess should trust her – we see in the third episode that Simone has a tempestuous relationship with Serena, an ex-server who is now a wife of a rich businessman. By the end of the third episode, Tess has gently turned down Will’s request for a date because, of course she is still fascinated with Jake. Good girls always go for the bad boy, and I am seriously very hooked with this show.

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