Beauty Books (Film Thoughts: The Book Club)

54530There is a lot of joy seeing four great actresses interacting on screen, and that is the joy you will get in seeing ‘The Book Club.’  I don’t think anyone will go this movie expecting great filmmaking or deep social commentary of the times. The jokes here are more on the shallow and salty side and more often than not, I rolled my eyes at them (There are two ladies sitting beside me who lapped all of them up, though)  But somehow this movie felt very satisfying. And it all boils down to the performances, stupid. Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen, Diane Keaton, and Mary Steenburgen can create real-life characters even if those same characters are written as caricatures. You believe them, you treasure them, there is no doubt in your mind that these women here have been friends for north of 40 years. You believe their shared history, even if they aren’t spelled vividly in front of your eyes. You follow the stupid paths their characters are facing right now, even if at the same time they all have flimsy and unbelievable story lines. No matter – you got to spend time with these four great actresses, and that’s maybe just more than enough to make you happy.


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