Oh My Mama (Film Thoughts: Summer 1993)

large_summer-1993-0There are movies that quietly get into you , and I felt that Carla Simon’s ‘Summer 1993’ is one of those that just touches you and you don’t see it coming, it quietly reaches out and grabs your heart. This movie is centered around young Frida (Laia Artigas) whose mother has passed away. She is then shipped off to live with her mother’s brother Esteve (David Verdaguer) and his wife Marga (Bruna Casi) in a rural Spanish town. Frida at first is a little confused, but slowly gets comfortable. And then she realizes that her mother truly is gone, even as she puts cigarettes by the Virgin Mary statue to leave for her mom. There is a certain mood of melancholy here, and that is what spoke to me. We learn a little later, though indirectly, that her mother probably died from AIDS complications by the way people react to Frida’s bloody bruised leg. Certain circumstances make Frida a target of the couple because of interactions with their own child, and we see that while they have a point, Frida’s isn’t all to blame either.  This film made me miss my own mother, who I also lost at a fairly young age (although unlike Frida, I was already an adult when she passed) I can’t forget the final scene where Frida just cries out of the blue, seemingly for no reason.  I found myself doing the same after I finished watching the movie.

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