Waitress (Television Thoughts: Sweetbitter, S01 E04 E05 E06, Starz)

resdAnd here we go – the last episode of the first season of ‘Sweetbitter.’  And I am scared. Why? because I have fallen for the show and I am petrified that I will have my heart broken and there will be no second season of the show. And I know the story is just beginning. At the end of the sixth episode (and the first season) Tess has been finally promoted to be server at the restaurant. This has been what she has been striving for, and the title of the episode says it all: “It’s Mine.”

But there are complications – she has an inkling about the real relationship between Simone and Jake – she has known him since he was eight years old so are they relatives? And I am pissed that Tess is pining for Jake – he is totally wrong for her. Girl I’ve been there. He made you wait – that is the first sign and for me indicative of where this is going and that’s trouble. No good will come off this. I still am shipping for Tess and Will, but I fear that is just too boring of a plot line for it to happen. And Simone – is she a friend of a foe. What does she want from Tess?

This and all other unanswered questions. I think the series is ending on a good note and I really hope they all come back. I want them too.

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