The Son Rises (Movie Thoughts: Tonio)

tonio‘Tonio’ was Netherland’s submission to the Academy last year and, directed by Paula Van Der Oest, is one of those grief movies. You would think I would have had enough of grief-centric movies but here I am, still watching. This one centers around a couple’s dealing with the death of their son who died in a street biking accident. We get glimpses of what happened cut with present-day grief cut with flashbacks of the son growing up. I can see how the film could get very exhausting for someone who cannot relate – there’s too much drama – but I didn’t mind it. I always say that death affects each person differently – how one grieves is a personal journey that one embarks on. I wished there was a little more back story on the son, so we can kind of identify with the parents. But ultimately, your mileage may vary on how you will be able to appreciate this film.

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