A Romantic Blur (Movie Thoughts: Modern Life Is Rubbish)

p13755165_v_v8_acOld Person alert: Who would ever thought there would be a movie nostalgic about the 90s? And more so, who would ever think I would totally relate to it? Of course I would. Daniel Jerome Gill’s ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ is mainly about a failed relationship, but for me, it also harks on a special time. It’s the 90s, and for physical music, compact disc is king. I know this, because I used to be a collector. Liam and Natalie (Josh Whitehouse and Freya Mavor) meet cute at a record store, over ‘Blur,’ and then quickly fall in love. I cannot think of a better meet-cute fantasy for someone like myself, a Britpop loving anglophile. And we see how their love of music bond them together, as they piece their lives apart. I am reminded of the song ‘Where Do You Start,’ with its lyric “Which books are yours, which tapes and dreams belong to you and which are mine.”  It’s really a painful emotion to go through and this film really captures that emotion. I know this film probably doesn’t have universal appeal, but it will hit those who get it straight to the heart. Like it did mine.

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