A Trip to the Library (Movie Thoughts: American Animals)

aman‘American Animals’ is the first distribution venture for MoviePass, and I feel like I must support it because the company has added a lot of value to my movie-making experience. (For the most part, I am very happy with their service) But who am I kidding – I probably got attracted to this because of its attractive young all-male cast: Evan Peters and Blake Jenner, specifically (Can I have Mr. Jenner for dinner, please?)

The film is about a heist from 2003 wherein a group of four guys from Kentucky tried to steal a rare book. It is stemmed from a Vanity Fair article and would have made a good story. But the screenplay took a bit to rev up, and you really don’t know what motivated these men to concoct this deal. You don’t know who to root for, either, though I found myself rooting for them to succeed, partly maybe because of the good acting from the cast. I found myself conflicted about that, to be honest. You kind of felt that these kids were just misguided, or probably gave them room because essentially they were just that – kids. Peters as Warren, the would-be ringleader has great presence, and Barry Keoghan as Spencer showed vulnerability, and they are actors to watch out for. All in all, I kind of enjoyed the movie more than I didn’t, and really, if you have MoviePass, not a bad way to ‘give back’ to the company.

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