I Was Only Posing (Television Thoughts: Pilot, Pose S01 E01)

POSE-key-art-2With Pride Month starting, I guess it’s just fitting that I write about ‘Pose,’ the newest and gayest show this season. It’s from Ryan Murphy, so you know at least it will ahve a very good start, and this is also his swan song show for F/X as he will be producing shows for Netflix after this.

I love this show. It starts off with a bang – the ball festivities in Harlem of the late 80s. I have a great kinship to this era as this was also the start of my New York Years: i.e. that time when I was starting to go out in the city and experiencing life. This is a splashy production, but the story telling is pretty straightforward – it’s about how a new house starts under a new mother, and how she brings her family together. This show is about trans people, and Murphy has cast it with a trans cast. And while the idea is fantastic and welcome, you can sometimes see the greenness of the cast. But the best of the lot is Indya Moore as Angel, a transgendered prostitute who finds home with new mother Blanca. There is even a sweet storyline of her meeting a ‘straight’ white family man (Evan Peters) who works for a Donald Trump-like character (played deliciously by James Van Der Beek)  Not everything worked for me – towards the end of the first episode. a Flashdance style audition underwhelmed me. But already I am hooked. This will probably, no make that surely, my go-to show this summer, and I will relish writing about it weekly.

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