What Charles Knows (Television Thoughts: Younger, Season 5 Episodes 1-4)


I have watched the first four episodes of Season Five of Younger, and I am back into it, because I have to say that the past two seasons have disinterested me quite a bit, but for me, I think it’s back in fine form. But not the first episode, though. The show in trying to be topical joins the “Me Too” movement.  Its most profitable author has to deal with sexual harassment issues and had to be dropped by Empirical. This causes the company to lose some cash. But by the end of the first episode, we get a bombshell revelation: Charles finds out that Liza has been lying all along. This puts him in a tailspin – he doesn’t know how to deal with it and gets passive aggressive before finally revealing to Liza that he knows. Is this the end of the love affair between Charles and Liza? Charles admits that he has fallen for her, but now doesn’t know if he can trust her.

I have read that the show will be consciously trying t steer from all these ‘romance’ episodes but it seems like the coast is clear, too: Josh, who was newly married goes home from Ireland without his bride – she left him too. And Liza meets the character of Christian Borle, and something may be brewing there, too. (Curiously, Borle is Sutton Foster’s ex-husband, and I know it really doesn’t matter, but these things excite me)

So I feel invigorated with this new season and this show is again on my radar. Have at me, Younger.

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