The Smell Of Summer (Perfume Thoughts: Virgin Island Water, Creed)

375x500.899It’s Summer finally, and feels like it. Here where I live in Los Angeles, it’s very pleasant, and since I am near the beach (only three miles away) I don’t have it as bad.  I’ve been known to love those dark and heavy orientals but I also am a big fan of ‘summer themed’ fragrances.’  If  something smells like the beach or suntan lotion, I am usually drawn to it, like Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess or Bond no 9 Fire Island, just to cite two examples. Since I don’t think I will be having a summer trip this year (just started a new job) I am just going to try recreating it via my scents.

Thank God I found a nice generous sample of Creed’s ‘Virgin Island Water’ in my stash. Yes, I know I am not the biggest fan of Creed in general, but if there was one scent from their line I would love to own, it’s Virgin Island Water. Because, really, it’s like going to the beach. I can sum up the perfume in two words: coconut rum. It’s a nice coconut note with a boozy rum note. That’s all there is to it. Of course there’s more to it – lime, hibiscus, jasmine. But it’s well blended and the coconut and rum dominate it evenly.

And as I wear it now here at my desk job in a high rise building in the city, I can close my eyes and feel like I am at the beach with a drink in my hand, and somehow someway it is good enough.

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