Dream Some Dreams (Music Thoughts: Baby Dream Your Dream, Katie Birtill)

5179SKR0b7L._SS500Katie Birtill’s album stuck out for me because of her song choices. I like that it was showtune-heavy: ‘Baby Dream Your Dream, ; from Sweet Charity for example of ‘Who Will Buy,’ from Oliver are two songs I really enjoy. But when I first listened to the album, I was dismayed. I really disagreed with some of her musical choices – a swinging ‘But Not For Me,’ for example, felt betrayed the song’s lyrics. And a sweet and tender ‘Everyday A Little Death’? Tone deaf! But I told myself to give the album another chance. Sometimes I am too attached to this songs, and maybe these songs don’t need to be in a curio cabinet – perhaps they should be played with and experimented. And yes, I found the album more palatable in subsequent listening. I still don’t love some of it, but I didn’t cringe at some of the other tracks. I kind of get what she did with a jazzy ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’ and she actually has a great ‘Goodbye Until Tomorrow.’ (No wonder she made it the title of her album)  I don’t know zilch about her – she is based in London and has some credits there – so perhaps I need a little bit of context. I don’t know if I ever have a need to listen to the album again ever (though maybe I will put the title track on a playlist) I really do wish her well, though.

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