The Setting Is.. (Movie Thoughts: Set It Up, Netflix)

siupI have been reading all these articles saying that ‘Set It Up,’ the new Netflix movie, is so good that it could provide a new boom for rom-coms. The romantic comedy genre has been taking a beating of late, replaced by all those Apatow-type of romantic films. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big romantic comedy softie, and if this movie will be responsible for a new wave of films, then I will gladly hop on the boat.

‘Set It Up,’ directed by Claire Scanlon, is pretty good. For someone like me craving for romance in movies, it satisfies. It’s story is not without bumps – you don’t really believe everything that’s going on – but you kind of go along, and the ride is nice and pleasant. This is mainly because of a great performance by Zoey Deutch. At first, I was wracking my brain of an actress who she reminds me of, but then found out that she is the daughter of Lea Thompson, so bingo! In any event, Deutch is a lot of things all at once: funny, vulnerable, manic – whatever the role and situation calls for. She is the next big thing and I won’t be mad if she becomes the new face of the new wave of rom-com. Glen Powell has a little more subtle presence – you wish he was more something, but maybe this is only because Deutch is such a major presence everyone is dwarfed. They have okay chemistry but this is all pretty chaste – nothing too Apatow in here. Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu, as their bosses, are more or less caricatures, but they are good enough actors that they humanize these cardboards. I don’t know if ‘Set It Up’ would make my favorite romantic movies of all time, but it will probably be one of my favorites this year.

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