Love Goes Indoors (Webseries Thoughts: Indoor Boys Season 2)



I have just watched every episode of the second season of Indoor Boys, and it’s just so freaking good. I swear, I get more enjoyment out of a nine minute episode of this than a full season of something else. And Alex Wyse and Wesley Taylor are both so good that I sometimes cannot separate their characters to how they would be in real life. Well, I don’t really know them, but I hear Nate and Luke’s tone on their social media postings. And that’s really just my problem.

The second season brings them back to New York. Nate (Wyse) visits his family here, and of course he has to see Luke (Taylor) and of course, there’s all the suppressed emotions there. This show is great at showing how blurred lines can get in friendships, especially if there is some kind of attraction there. But, Luke is and always will be a player, and I cannot help but feel bad for Nate. Even if they get together, I can almost tell that Nate’s heart will be broken. And besides, why would he subject himself to going there, when he has Aaron ready and waiting for him, in love with him. Things come to a head at the end of the season, and we get to some kind of conclusion – or do we?  All I know is that I am enthralled by this series, and excited for it to come back.

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