When You Carry Hope (Music Thoughts: When The Curtain Falls, Carrie Hope Fletcher)

album coverI discovered Carrie Hope Fletcher’s album ‘When The Curtain Falls’ via Spotify’s Discover Weekly ‘recommendations’ playlist designed specifically for my taste. I guess they thought I would like the albu, based on whatever metrics they use to calculate my likes. And this time, they were right. I did enjoy ‘When The Curtain Falls,’ even if I knew diddly squat about Ms. Fletcher. and from a quick internet search, I discover she is quite popular in the West End theater community. And she has a famous vlog! But. I do like that she is one of those big-voiced theater divas, just exactly my kind of theater singer. And she has great repertoire here from mostly modern musicals. I read that she was in teh West End production of Les Miz, so naturally she sings ‘I Dreamed A Dream,’ and while the arrangement here is a bit far out, I am fine with it. The calypso ‘Journey to the Pat,’ though is jarring, and needless, but she saves that by doing a tender ‘Burn,’ from Hamilton. And she does the beautiful ‘Times Are Hard for Dreamers,’ from Amelie, which I think is a gorgeous score. But the best for me is her ‘You Matter TO me,’ and she gets just the right tone for ‘No One Else’ from ‘Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812.’  I really enjoy this album, and I thank Spotify for recommending it.

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