On A Familiar Road (Movie Thoughts: Boundaries)

bdrA road movie with Vera Fermiga and Christopher Plummer? Sounds good on paper, and really,  *almost* good. Shana Feste’s ‘Boundaries’ have strong performances from both, but the movie all in all is so weak that I lost interest in it pretty quickly. It relied on a lot of trope and predictable set-ups that if not for the two, I probably would have tuned out altogether. But Fermiga infuses a lot of charm here, even if her neurotic Laura can be a little hard to take, and Christopher Plummer, he is fantastic here, and he is really enjoying a late-in-career boost. He was sensational in ‘All The Money In The World’ taking over for Kevin Spacey and he continues his streak here. Watch this on a rainy day just for the performances.

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