How The West Was Won (Movie Thoughts: Damsel)

448fbc785dbc82c905f79cfb2e254c87I am sure a lot of people liked ‘Damsel.’ The Zellner brothers (David and Nathan) have amassed a cult following, and my afternoon screening of this movie today was pretty packed. (I don’t think this crowd were twilight fans for Robert Pattinson. When the audience started clapping as the credits rolled, I shrugged. I did not really enjoy this movie – I thought it was overlong, and while there were funny moments, they were not laugh out loud (or silent) ones for me. I kind of appreciated it – it had some wit by turning over tropes in Western movies and slicing and dicing them. Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska were very good, and David Zellner, as a would-be preacher steals scenes from them. The movie is packaged pretty well, but it all boils down to taste. The film feels like a nice Western inspired painting, it just doesn’t go with my living room decor.

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