Cold Comfort (Perfume Thoughts: Berlin, Gallivant)

375x500.47285I think I have now decided that I really love the Gallivant line – they make light and interesting perfumes, and I just agree with their artistic direction, and the world traveler in me is just shipping on the idea. I’ve written about most of them, and today I am wearing Berlin, and I think this is one of my favorites.

Berlin opens with a citrus blend – and it’s soft and whispery (but not weak) I get some oranges, but of the sweeter variety (clementine, maybe) There is a hint of grapefruit and lemon, but not bitter at all. Then the heart of the perfume is some tea and some spices, but these spices never overwhelm, they just sweetly pinch you.  Thsi perfume is light – it does’t scream, it doesn’t shout, but it still stays with you – I am impressed by its projection, even as it shows its softness. On a summer day, this will be cold and comforting.

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