Linda, Seen (Music Thoughts: If You See Me: Broadway & Standards, Linda Eder)

D1B61F51-EB5D-713D-B887FECD06C32655Linda Eder posseses one of the great modern voices in theater (and theater adjacent circles) so of course I pay attention whenever she releases a new album. And when the new album, ‘If You See Me,’ is a collection of ‘Broadway & STandards,’ it is even sweeter. My first impression: Eder has still got it – the voice is very much intact. It hasn’t lost luster or varnish, as I read she keeps her public performances to a minimum. And the repertoire seems to be made for me. She starts with a soaring ‘Before The Parade Passes By,’ and I realize very few people sing this song out of context. She can certainly hit the notes. And she also reaches heights in ‘As If We Never Said Goodbye,’ though I do think her singing is more technical than dramatic. I don’t know if I would have paired a faster paced ‘They Can’t Take That Away From me’ after singing ‘The Music That Makes Me Dance.’  And while she sings well on ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and ‘What Did I Have That I Don’tHave,’ the former seems rushed and the latter too similar to Eydie Gorme’s version (And Eydie’s is unforgettable) Her gender-bending ‘Bring Him Home’ is memorable, though, and will be a nice twin-set match to her ‘Don Quixote.’  All in all, her delivery can be on the steely side, but she shows in ‘Losing My Mind’ that she is capable of being expressive. Her version veers on the pop side, but she gives it weight in her personal interpretation. This song can go wrong so easily – she is very right here. She closes the album with ‘If You See Me,’ composed by her son Jake, and it’s jarringly out of place here, but I forgive.

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