The Russian Collusion (Perfume Thoughts: Aleksandr, Arquiste)

375x500.14376I remember when the Arquiste line first came out, I was still living in New York then, and it was heavily hyped at Aedes, where I used to go all the time. I know I bought one, ‘Flor y Canto,’  and loved it. I have had a lot of samples over the years, and have been too ‘scared’ to try them for fear I will want them right away. So as I rummage through my bin, I am chancing upon some of the scents from the line.

Today I am wearing ‘Aleksandr,’ and this was one is based/inspired by the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. I know that they probably have an explanation somewhere on how the two are related. To me, though, the big note here is violet, the dry almost gin-like kind. It skews quite masculine for me, but that may also be because I associate violet with more masculine scents. There is a leather note here that gives it a little heaviness and neroli to balance that. This is a well-balanced perfume, and is very timid. I don’t get a lot of projection (And I put a lot on) but every now and then I sniff it when I move my hands. All in all, a nice scent but probably not full-bottle worthy for me because of its price. I can probably get something similar for a lot less.

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