Faking It (Television Thoughts: Hollywood Love Story, Viceland)

glI don’t know what compelled me to start watching Viceland’s ‘Hollywood Love Story.’ Maybe the allure of Paris Hilton? I doubt it, but by the way, she is older-looking now, and while still gorgeous, is looking a little bit like Kyle Richards. The show is a bit confusing for me – I read that these are about Instagram celebrities wanting to make it in show business. The first episode focuses on Riott, a wanna be singer with neon green hair. I live in Los Angeles, and you see these struggling artists everywhere, and it’s so tough to make it in the business, for sure, and this show showcases them. Anyhow, Riott lives in Silverlake, sharing an apartment with four other people. She documents everything on Instagram and has thousands of followers (other people are identified by their names and their numbers of followers) But, we never really hear Riott’s music – she kinda vocalizes and raps but when she had a performance, the series focused more on her tantrum about her friends not coming to the show rather than the music. And Paris is barely on – she just has these small snippets of dialogue to the camera. And by the end of the show, we see Riott moving to a new house – so is this like a ‘Real World’ type of deal where we follow her and other people in the house? Above all, though, do I really care?

One thought on “Faking It (Television Thoughts: Hollywood Love Story, Viceland)

  1. I will never want to live that life. It looks miserable and hell on earth. Her concept of God is all wrong. Thank god i never want that world i would rather live in peace


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