Bothered By (Film Thoughts: Sorry To Bother You)

stbyOh dear. I know that Boots Riley’s ‘Sorry To Bother You’ is being lauded be everyone, and I just feel this is going to be one of those situations wherein everyone loves a film and I just…don’t get it. Maybe it’s a genealogical flaw or something, but movies that are sort of fantastical, sort of sci-fi – they just don’t appeal to me, and at the most I can appreciate them. This film falls under that category, unfortunately. It is a story of a young man (La Keith STanfield) who starts working for a telemarketing firm and we realize he is living in an alternate world wherein reality shows are of people getting punched, and people are living and working in factories (slavery, basically) and companies are cloning half human half horse things for future workforce. It’s all smart and imaginative, and very scary, this dystopian universe.  And I felt…nothing. Even the cuteness of Armie Hammer (and he is a snack here) cannot make me really get into this. Yes, yes, I know it is trying to say something about Corporate America, selling out, and a lot of things wrong in our society today. he film is akin to a great hip hop song. I can listen to it, but I probably won’t add it to any of my playlists.

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