Life Hands You Suns (Music Thoughts: Here Comes The Sun, Dolores Scozzesi)

81PYbrd9EYL._SL1500_Sometimes, I just don’t get some singers. Most of the times, it’s not their fault. I just do not agree with their interpretations, or vocal arrangements, or sometimes they it’s as simple as – they bore me. Sorry to say that’s how I felt listening to Dolores Scozzesi’s ‘Here Comes The Sun.’  There’s nothing really wrong with her voice – she sings in tune, but her vocal intricacies just leave me cold. They do not speak to me. For example, her version of Randy Newman’s ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’  gave me a headache. It went on and on, and seemed pointless. ‘In The Mood For Love’ was slightly better – she at least stuck to the original melody – but it was still a bore for me. I listened to the rest of the album almost tuned out – I did not want to hear anything else she was offering. I even tried to play the album again but after a couple of songs, just turned it off. Life is too short.

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