Still Orange Flowers (Perfume Thoughts, APOM Pour Homme, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris)

375x500.6806I was interested in trying Francis Kurkdjian’s APOM Pour Homme because from what I have been reading, it is very similar to Kurkdjian’s Fleur de Male, which I think is his masterpiece. I love orange flower as a note, so it has to be a win-win situation whether it is or not. And when I spritzed this, that very familiar orange flower note welcomes – it really is his signature note, isn’t it?

The blast is pretty strong, and it is mixed with some woods (I am being told it is cedar) and then, on my skin, it just stays that way. On this warm day, it really does not turn powdery. On me, it is quite linear. I mean, it’s beautiful. but it really does not do anything else. Perhaps it is the heat and humidity that is making it act this way. Yes, I do like it, but with Maison Francis Kurkdjian price points, is it asking too much for it to do more?

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