Little Green Apples In The Summertime (Perfume Thoughts: Aventus For Her, Creed)

375x500.38497I realize that I had never written about Creed’s Aventus for Men. I guess because I have this aversion towards it – it is extremely popular and for me, it is like talking about ‘Star Wars:’ I just do not want to join the conversation. I had been given a nice sample of Aventus for Her when it first came out, and I never used it. Well, now that I am going through my samples, I said I might as well. I know it’s a fruity floral, and I thought why not wear it on a California Summer Day?

Well, my thoughts go two ways. On one hand, this is a nice commercial fruity floral – the green apple/peach combo is a crowd-pleaser, and mixed with the rose and woody musks, it is blended well that it wears well, and I find myself smelling myself and smiling. On a nice warm day, this can certainly put a smile on my face. But, this is Creed, and should a Creed fragrance something more? I mean, the price points are just insane at this point. A 16 oz bottle costs a thousand dollars ! I certainly would never buy this because I am just not moneyed enough for it, and it doesn’t excite me.  It acts and feels like a nice department store fruity floral, and I bet the quality is a little better, but I think what you are paying for here is the prestige of the house, and the bragging rights of wearing Creed. So pardon me if I pass.

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