Her Eyes (Music Thoughts: Eyes Wide Open, Jamie Shaw)

b_W1sicmVzaXplIiw1MDBdLFsibWF4Il0sWyJ3ZSJdXQ==In her album ‘Eyes Wide Open,’ Jamie Shew chronicles, by song, her twenty year relationship with her husband, who succumbed to cancer. And concept-wise, it is an interesting concept, where she starts the album with ‘Get Out Of My Head,’ to ‘Easy To Love,’ merging to ‘The Answer Is You,’ to I guess the process of heartbreak, ending with the title track.

If only I liked the arrangements and the singing, which to my ears sounded so generic and banal to the point that it gave me a (literal) headache. In my opinion, this is one of those cases wherein the idea is more interesting than the execution, and it really makes me sad.

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