The Sunday Morning After (Music Thoughts: You Raise Me Up: A Spiritual Journey, Maureen McGovern)

CD34012The very first thing I noticed upon seeing the cover of Maureen McGovern’s new album. ‘You Raise Me Up: A Spiritual Journey,’ is that she is now wearing her hair long. I have been so used to her sort boyish hair cut over the year that I was momentarily jarred. I think she kind of looks like Lynda Carter with her longer locks. But rest assured, she still sounds like the Maureen McGovern I have known and loved. I was also a little bit surprised that she has recorded an inspirational album, but then again I don’t know why I am. Apparently, she recorded this album to comfort people during these troubled times, and why not. It’s funny because the album really feels warm and cozy, enlightening, enveloping. I always like great soulful interpretations of these songs, especially those where you can feel their faith as they interpret these songs. Take for example her ‘Amazing Grace’ here. It soars, and even though I have heard this song so many times, there’s still something here that touched me immensely. And her version here of songs like ‘The Rose’ and ‘Turn Turn Turn’ make me feel heavier meanings. I felt like the songs have a different more soul-searching meanings. I really like this album, and perhaps the Universe needed to send me this album right now. An added bonus – her 45th Anniversary of ‘The Morning After,’ is this version is just as powerful, almost set in a different light than the original, but just as piercing. Yes, Raise Me, Maureen.

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