Pose Poised (Television Thoughts: Pose, The Rest of Season One, F/X)

t7wBXpTZ2jNDv47Yt6mNrcyeRXn-313x470The whole first season of ‘Pose’ has been a real electric experience. I loved the pilot episode, but I thought that the next two episodes were really weak/ But I did not give up, because the show turned around for me, and by the finale, I end up just as smitten as when it was started. The series is truly revolutionary – a show about colored trans people and is cast most appropriately. And the stories it told are not tun-of-the-mill. It sometimes delves into melodrama (and if I have to be honest, could be predictably so) but there is enough color here (literally and figuratively) that your eyes will keep watching – and will be rewarded.

But I have to admit, I was most touched by the love story between Angel and Stan, the defy-all-odds love story of the hooker with the heart of gold and the male executive working for the Trump organization. They met, they fell in love, and by the second to the last episode, he has left her because there is a part of him that cannot accept who he is. By the finale, he has come to beg for her back, saying that he has left his wife. She turns her back, and my heart is in pieces. Evan Peters is great here – I have a crush – but as a young emerging actor in Hollywood, he is very brave to be taking this role, and he will have me as a fan for life. Indya Moore as Angel is good enough, but I think if she was better, then the overall effect would even be stronger.

The ball scenes have grown on me, and though I admit some of them did not interest me that much, when the House of Evangelistas turned triumphant at the end, I was cheering them on. I grow hot and cold on Billy Porter as pray Tell, but I am happy they even included some musical theater here, when in an episode he sings ‘Home.’ and that scene satisfied the show queen in me pretty deeply. I found it very interesting that they ended the show with almost nothing hanging, as if they were satisfied with what they have done (they should be) and is not really expecting a second season. But a second season they did get, and I bet it will even be better, as the writers and actors will become more assured. I can’t wait.

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