Untangled Liaison (Perfume Thoughts: Liaisons Dangereuses, By Killian)

375x500.4321I have been obsessed with coconut-smelling things lately, and perhaps because I now live where there’s more humidity. (my favorite line nowadays: ‘I lived in the desert for years I thought my body forgot how to sweat’)  So I was so happy when I realized I had samples of By Killian’s Liaisons Dangereuses in my stash of samples. I remember trying this years ago when it first came out (I was still living in New York then) and loving it, but of course, By Killian prices.

But now that I have reunited with it, I love it more – the fruit jam opening (peaches, black currant, plum) mixed with the summery coconut – at this point of my life, it just makes more sense for me. I was walking under the summer sun and it just bloomed in my skin in the best possible way. And surely, this could have gone all wrong – sour, rotten-y – but it just agreed with my skin . Mixed with the florals, it just became a big fruity-floral bouquet. And it stayed that way for a long time, before the )admittedly) boring musky drydown. But I will take it as it is. Sometimes the chemistry is just right.

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