Sko Cole(Music Thoughts: On Colem Soren Sko & Benjamin Koppel)

51MvzAhjNjL._SS500I have no idea who Soren Sko is, but thanks to Google I found out he is one of Netherland’s most famous singers.  I have heard of Benjamin Koppel as a saxophonist, and the two of them together have worked on a new album, called ‘On Cole,’ which is a tribute album to Nat King Cole.  Sko has a nice slightly sour voice, to me reminiscent of a clearer Willie Nelson and he attacks these songs with gusto. It’s a great selection with most of Cole’s most famous hits. I like his leisurely take on ‘I Wish You Love,’ which gives the lyrics room to breathe, and the swinging ‘Walking My Baby Back Home’ is nice and breezy.  The voice and instrument complement each other well, and you can tell they have great personal chemistry.

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